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Went to the premiere of Hon Truong Ba – Da Hang Thit. Didnt think that many celebrities would turn up for that, and never thought my adopted brother could act so well. His role  as “the most conscious mentally ill patient” was brilliant. The movie is acceptably “nha?m”, possibly the biggest “nha?m” movie this Tet, but trust me its content is a lot more logical than De Muon and 2 trong 1.

After the movie, i received my best friend’s gift from her mom. Never had such high-heeled shoes before, plus a lot of guys wont dare standing near me if i do 😀   Han, I’ll wear them when you’re back, so we’ll be the tallest girls in the club 🙂  Nah, i’m just kidding …

Glad it’s weekend already …  I’m taking a nap now … Zzzzz Zzz zzz ….


One Comment

  1. =) hi Bo!!!!!
    wear ur new shoes and let me see… 😛
    Bo cua con cang ngay cang xinh ra nha

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