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My first trip to the Philippines was really enjoyable, especially with the great hospitality of all the  Filipino colleagues and, and above all,  under the “remote supervision” of I-Sys 😉  You deserve this I prefix, Sys! Yet, I take longer to recover from such a tiring trip, especially when the work load will be bottling up quite fast from this month on. I wanted a decent blog but ended up allowing this super tired Thanh to summarize her current state of mind. Ghosh, I didnt wanna leave my flower pillow this morning …. If only a night were 18 hours long …



  1. Thanh u’ luoi qua… day di lam` di :)) Acac, if a good night sleep were 18 rather than 8 hours long, we would all be pigs wouldn’t we?

  2. Thanh ui can I see your flower pillow? 😀 I’m really curious about it.

    Anyway, I’m sure you would feel bored death if you could sleep 18 hours a day 😉

  3. Hey, dun forget the oh so wonderful ( not to mention colourful ) BIZU Macaroons. 😛 They r Deeeelicious. 😉

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