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It started quite okie until the most unprofessional brand manager pissed me off with all her bow wow. She was born with two ears and one mouth, supposedly she should listen more and talk less. Too bad she doesnt even use her ears for one minute. I lost the excitement with whatever good things the designers and I worked extra hours to develop. Not to mention my boss and the other team members, hmmm, they are now focusing on the super exciting coming project with a much more professional team. Guys, wait up, I’m joining you …..

My day ended with a long meeting. Too tired to care what was going on, I started wondering until one question stroke me . To my surprise, there wasn’t any answer. None of the people I know is the answer. Somehow, i feel relieved and eager to look forward to the near future ….

Now there’s this hot news I just got from a friend …. This world’s too small sometimes you can find out about something and someone so easily … and this time it is simply too hot to handle …

My boss just called … I am finally getting what I’ve been waiting for …. a letter of confirmation should be released soon … Say what now …….. Everything’s just getting better ….. oh and he was telling me to support the unprofessional team ….. hmm, that i’ll reconsider. Time to celebrate! I’m going clubbing with Han, Dieu Anh and Toan tmr nite 😉

Sleep tight for now, Thanh!


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  1. Congrats Thanh!!! All the best to your career path 🙂

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