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Back from my relative’s wedding.

1- I finally witnessed how much heat a newbie will get if that newbie accompanies any of my family’s member – and of course, it’s the extended family I’m talking about.

2- Weird how a five-star wedding wasn’t that great, and hmm, I just have to mention this MC who refused to let me register a song stating that “It’s almost the end of the night” then he actually got the guts to come on stage and sang two songs without any requests. Yeah right, an MC who sings – the biggest loser I happened to come across. Or maybe i should be less skeptical and understand that he was only doing PR for himself – so conveniently.

3- I read a Zider’s diary and it surprised me to know how emotional he was, if not in real life, at least it was really touching in that specific blog. After reading it, I just hoped he would find that old lover of his really soon.

4- I had such a nice chat with the new girlfriend of my so-called “adopted” big brother. Now i know i just got another sis 😉 who always calls me “babe”. That’s so sweet of her!

The irritation in my throat is getting worse, I feel like I can have a fever anytime soon. I should take a long rest …. really can’t afford getting sick now … hmm

Ah, I just got an SMS … and if you’re reading this, my reply is “I’m still awake cos I’m busy writing this blog. If I stay up just to sms, I’d be infected with all d fever from you :-P”


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