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“We were as one, babe, for a moment in time, and it seems everlasting that you will always be mine. Now you wanna be free, so i’m letting you fly, cos i know in my heart babe my love will never die.

You’ll always be a part of me, I’m part of you indefinitely. Boy dont you know you cant escape me? Oh darling, cos you’ll always be my baby.

And we’ll linger on. Time can’t erase a feeling this strong, no way you’re ever gonna shake me, oh darling, cos you’ll always be my baby

I ain’t gonna cry no, i won’t beg you to stay, if you’re determined to leave boy, i will not stand in your way. But inevitably, you’ll be back again, cos you know in your heart babe our love will never end

I know that you’ll be back boy when your days and your nights get a little bit colder
I know that you’ll be right back, oh baby believe me it’s only a matter of time”

Been trying to type this out as I listened to the song over and over again. I dont think i’ll ever get sick of it. Sometimes I can’t explain how I can reach such an extreme to love someone/something too much.

So yesterday Cloud was saying that she doesn’t believe in such a thing as “I love you just the way you are”. To Cloud, there’d always be a certain amount of pretending or covering up somehow somewhere in the relationship. And she’s enjoying being the real person she is without any boyfriend now. That got me thinking, hmm, is it really true? I’m dead sure it wasn’t so for my first relationship. We loved each other for being our true selves. But we were too vulnerable and inexperienced … still too young to make it together.

It’s a small world after all – This saying has been around for quite a long while. And I never really agreed til that one day, long after our breaking-up, I talked to this cute young girl via Hi5 who gave me my first Five and who, as I finally found out, was gonna be my first boyfriend’s fiance. Sweet, pretty and knowledgable girl – I’m glad he would have such a decent woman to accompany him, the best thing is that she is from the same culture with his – they should have so much in common and so little to overcome …

I am much grown up now and really thankful I’ve been through those emotional ups and downs to finally realize the kind of man I’d want and even what I should do to protect the relationship. I’m still waiting for that one person to come, or has he already come? Only time can reveal … 😉 Oh and Cloud, if you’re still reading this, just remember opportunity may never knock twice, so you will really have to open up your heart again now … and I said NOW, take off the self-entitled “CEO of the Noble Single Ladies” …. “Love is all you need” – there i go singing again ….


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  1. Ba` chi. nha’c to’i Cloud la`m em nga.i he’t su’c, du` em bie’t do’ ko fai la` em :p Va.y la` ba` chi. ti`m la.i dc ba.n cu~ roi` ha, chu’c mun`g nghen 😀 Sorry, Eng cua em te^. wa’ ne^n comment = vmese ddo*~, ba` chi. tho^ng ca?m :p Bu~a sau se~ co^’ ga’ng comment = Eng ^_^

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