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This is a good pic of my team and the White Saver Band with the three celebs in white! So I was unexpectedly placed in the position to “manage”  Lam Truong and Quyen Linh as they came to our launch conference earlier this month in Hanoi. It wasn’t their best presence in such a show; however, my personal experience with them was quite decent. They’re super friendly, understanding and down-to-earth, too.

They came to our office for the first launch date of this White Saver Band. And as soon as he just saw us again, Quyen Linh cared enough to ask us about the feedback from the previous show. He’s a super okay celeb – I would say.

We didn’t have time for a pic last time in Hanoi, so this is to compensate for my team and every member’s efforts šŸ˜‰



  1. Wow… I have never been so close (i mean in distance) to those celebs before šŸ™‚ Thanh you are as tall as Quyen Linh! Lam Truong looks very babylike. And Thanh, you look so gentle and professional ^o^ BTW Who is the third guy Thanh?

    P.S: your job scope seems to be quite interesting hehe šŸ™‚

  2. The third guy is Hai Anh – Gold prize winner of the Super Model contest last year or something. On the day of the launch event in Hanoi, Hai Anh missed the flight from Saigon and couldn’t make it to the event in time. So he called me and said “Chi Phuong Thanh oi, em la Hai Anh ne …. “. Sweet Northern voice, but oops, i’m younger than you muh Hai Anh oi ….

    And yes, Thi, my job is quite interesting but only insiders will know all the bright sides and dark sides of everything. No pain, no gain … I’m having very precious work experiences …

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