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First thought of the day – I’m gonna let it go … It ain’t the same any more, I’m surprised to se how everything turned out to be like this. But this emotional girl is simply gonna go for whatever her emotions tell her to. And this morning, a little voice inside of her said “Thanh, will you just stop it!”

Second experiment – I told my boss I’m gonna delay my project update until next Monday because of this … and because of that … Surprisingly, he gave in to that. Conclusion: This is what they call B.O.S.S management, he he he. (Nham nho qua) So many times, my direct manager told me this was gonna work; yet, I was still amazed to experiment it myself.

Another nice surprise – the MKTG Vice President said “Thank you, Ms Thanh” to me after I was “brought in to” his office to explain about the contract which he was supposed to sign and already signed (in uncertainty). This gotta be something to remember. My beloved former CD department head used to call me Thanh like anybody else in the department would; and I was already happy with that. This time, its Ms Thanh and its from just another big guy in the company. Hihi, these tiny little things can be a real turn-on for me. Deep down inside, I’m still a child in one, two …..  or let’s just say many many ways 😉

And another surprise – I didnt play pool as bad as I thought. I guess practice makes perfection …. oops, its not about perfection, i’m happy with some decent shots. Yeah, it’s easy to entertain me ….

Brushie time, Thanhie got brushie time 😀 … but I can’t go yet cos I’m busy chatting with this last surprise of today. Looks like this talk is gonna bring one of my self-development goals closer to “achievable” … let’s see ….


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