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There comes another Songkran, and even though I’m not in Thailand anymore, the thought of people splashing water on to each other everywhere in Hua Hin  reminds me of the happy time I had there. We took this picture in my last Tet celebration in Hua Hin two years ago. It looks kinda ‘chaotic’ cos we were rushing together for the pix before the firecrackers died off. No deliberate firecracker firing in Vietnam, no Tet celebration by the beach, so this is gonna remain my unique Tet celebration for quite a long while …

I rode past Zen plaza today and felt like it’s been months since I last went shopping. Truth is I just bought two dresses last month. Hmm, it has to be because I’ve been spending too much time at work that a day now feels like a month. I need a more balanced life … This evening,  I wanted to just laze around doing nothing so badly … I wanted to lay back in a cozy coffee shop and have an endless talk with someone who clicks and simply forget about my work. That remains a pure thought as even though I spent more than one hour tonight in Illy – very cozy coffee shop, again, it was work-related.  Our manager, my other team member and I were making our Jobs To Be Done list … I’m gonna find my way out of this hectic period – there are a lot of interesting things out there to explore … why worry about work …



  1. Hardly recognised you in that pic. Unbelievably (:P) innocent!!!

  2. Sweet and sad to see Kelly in the pic!

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