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This is Sony – the cutie. No one can’t remember exactly how old she is. I could recall that dad took her home one day five or six years ago. She was newly born and so small that dad could put her in the basket at the front of his bike. And now she’s almost triple in size and though she isnt really fat, everyone thinks that she’s a fat cutie all because of her thick fur.

My Sony never bites anyone, hmm, isnt it strange? She will bark if you’re a stranger, but she’s gonna lay on her back so that you can tickle her stomach after only a few seconds of ice-breaking. My pet is loveable. And for that ….. she got influenced by me, hehe.

I had such so much fun playing with her today, and I realized that  she’s already getting old … Whenever we played this catching game before, she never stopped unless I stopped. This time she gave up before I did. My Sony’s a bit fatter and less willing to run back and forth … Last week, the nurse told mom and dad to feed her less because she’s showing signs of obesity. That sounds really funny, doesnt it … And to be safe, I’ll feed her with more roseapple and yellow melon then … my favorite and her favorite, too. Told ya she’s really influenced by me, didnt I? 😛


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