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“Shirking your duty? Not likely. Out of all the signs, you’re the most determined to get your ‘to-do’ list done before you have your fun. Good for you. Just make sure you remember to put fun on your ‘to-do’ list, too”

This horoscope fit just right for today. I got an endless ‘to-do’ list and there’s no item called “chill out” on it.

Did I already wish there were 18 hours a night instead of only 8 hours so I could enjoy more sleep? Now I wanna wish there were 81 hours a day so that I could get all my work done before and after this coming holiday.

A friend used to tell me a couple of weeks ago if work is all she has to focus on, that’d be great. I told her that’s not heaven, and she said it’s not hell, either.  I’m now  stuck in this heaven-hell world. Is there a way out? Wait a minute …  Do I really need a way out … Hmm, not quite! I’m too  excited about the upcoming projects to give up, I just wish i had more preparation time …


One Comment

  1. Em Tu Anh ne ^_^. Thay chi trong list cua Ha` nen ghe’ vo chut thoi. Do cua Ha goi cho em chi goi cho me chi o nha, bua nao buoi chieu em di hoc ve em chay ngang qua em lay heng. Khoang 5g40 me chi co o nha roi phai ko?
    Thanks chi nho’
    Holidays dzui dze ^_^

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