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You’re part of the reason why I started blogging, and I don’t think you know this. As such an activator, you’re obviously writing great blogs still.  Been browsing through your blogs and couldn’t stop laughing about girls’ least unwanted triad of wrinkles, puffy eye bags and bulky chins.  Fact is “Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder”… lolz …  So I’m writing this blog for you, ma(‘m.  Was I the first to give you this lovely name and am I the only one to still call you so?  You also may not know I’m jealous cos you’re almost half way through your Ph.D study. I’m green with envy cos you’re so lean and mean now while I’m still a little overweight in my own standard 😀 You should keep it up girl cos this is how you really should be. I’m so used to the MA(‘M model that you’ve been, and you know I couldn’t call you Ma(‘m when you became so chubby a few years back.

Keep up the good blogging, too …


One Comment

  1. Hehe, so flattered.
    Been some time since that sushi treat (drooling)… Until next time 🙂

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