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The next two CAers finally got married today ….

Minh Thi’s morning wedding ceremony was very cozy. Lovely couples, lovely parents-in-law and grandma, too! When the groom’s father closed the ceremony by saying “We really tried our best to fulfil our role today, please forgive us if we made any mistake along the way”. The bride’s grandma gave the best reply ever “No mistake found, simply because we love you all. If there’s no love, we will only see mistakes in whatever you do”

Thai Binh’s evening wedding celebration was the best decorated wedding I’ve been to. If there’s an award for “the Brightest Smiles” for newly-weds, I think I’m gonna give it to them. However, the best part about Binh’s wedding is his father’s speech about this young couple. Beside the fact that his speech explained well what many guests had been wondering, it is simply the best appreciation of the new daughter-in-law I’ve ever heard. Simple words that mean a lot. I wonder how many guests were left  with a peaceful feeling like i was … Its really the best welcome message to a young bride ….

Thi and anh Tung, Binh and Hanh, Happy Ever After!  


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