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I never knew the beach in Da Nang could be so beautiful …  this view from the restaurant balcony turned out to be perfect even though it was taken at mid day and the sunshine may be too much for any good pix … The wind was super pleasing … I actually enjoyed standing in the sun looking at the waves turning white when they came ashore …

That was a short and fruitful trade visit  …

… But I won’t forget this heart-breaking scene of hundreds of local people lining up at the harbor … they were waiting hopelessly for their family members to come back from the violent Chanchu storm … If life is so short ….


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  1. Một phút dành cho những người không may. Cầu cho gia đình họ sớm vượt qua nỗi đau này. Cầu cho ngư dân Việt Nam có thể tránh được những thảm họa như vậy trong tương lai.

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