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Mom’s spending the night with grandma in the packed-up patient room on the 7th floor of Cho Ray hospital. Doctors requested grandma to stay in and none of us had time to try to settle a separate room for her on the serviced floor. Mom and grandma are sharing one bed, and that is already much better than most of the other patients and their family members. Without her youngest sister’s close relationship with the director, there would probably be no bed for grandma. It must be decades since grandma and grandpa last spent the night separated like this. It may date back to grandpa’s last overseas business trip some 40 years ago … And it must be more than 20 years since mom and grandma last spent the night together. Mom has never spent the night away when all of us are home … Sony is lying waiting at the door wondering why mom’s not back yet and it’s already mid-night … May we all have a good night and grandma’s situation get better soon!



  1. Chúc cho bà em chóng khỏe nhé.

  2. God bless your grandmother…

  3. Hope she will get well soon …

  4. I hope she’s always optimistic 🙂

  5. Thank you, Tram, anh Phuong, Toan and Hien! My grandma’s back home now. Her situation is getting better everyday.

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