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Max’s farewell party last night was touching … Chi Hien recomposed “My Way” lyrics just for him, the farewell video was probably the most pleasant gift. I was surprised my not-so-well organized speech turned out to be a sincere farewell note to him. He made a remark about it specifically as I came to say bye to him …

I almost had an accident on the way back from the party. If I had pulled the brake 2 seconds late, my bike would have been terribly scratched or it might have fallen and … hmm, I’d better stop. Bike accident –  the one I had in March last year was already enough. At 10:30pm, 3 hours after I got thrown onto the road, dad took me to the hospital as the pain got me crying badly. “7 days in bed, no work at all” – said the doctor. My boss said I was lucky I only needed 7 days. I dont want another unplanned break now … So many exciting trips are coming up …

Enough for yesterday …. Today is my real weekend šŸ˜‰

This morning, I woke up with a smile – it was a great idea to have turned off the cell fone before I slept. 10:45am “banh cuon” and half a mango turned out to be the only meal I had before my work-out session.  A one-hour jog, 20-minutes climbing or striding or whatever they call it, and the healthy brunch got me weigh 5* kgs at 6pm. Now, the next target is to lose another 2 kgs. Can I make it in 3 months so I could reward myself for that on my birthday? Errr, time will tell … What should be the award though? *_*

Dinner at the Sushi Bar with chi Trang was great. All tables were reserved, so we really had to sit at the bar patiently watching the cooks making sushi for other guests. They always serve each guest a piece of “protein”, be it fish like today, or squid or pork some other day. I never wondered why until today, and my own explanation is that it fills up the guests for long enough so they can patiently wait for the nicely prepared yummie food to come. As soon as we finished our steam pot, we had just enough time to come and get the pre-booked tickets at Diamond Cinema. Perfect timing! Mission Impossible III are filled with lots of twist and turn. I wont talk about it now in case you, dear friend, haven’t seen it yet … “Wait, wait, wait, I love you!” – said Ethan. This part is hilarious! Watch it for yourself šŸ˜‰

Time to sleep … Tomorrow is a Sundae, yeahhhhhhhhh



  1. MI 3 is just an Ok movie . I love the scene when Magie Q said ” it is such a nice car” .

  2. Last Sat, I was at Diamond watching MI3 @ 7:15 pm o.O , what was your show time?

  3. Yeah right, when you walked out of the cinema, chi Trang and I walked in šŸ˜€

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