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She was shocked … She was speechless … She was overwhelmed …

His gentle heart … His tenderness … His loving care …

She was sad … She was sorry … “There’s no hope”

Filled with pain … Never so hurt … Yet, he won’t push her

“Nana, I’ll continue to love you …. as my dear friend”, says Raj,
“I can’t lose you .. .  you really mean so much to me”

By turning his affection into a lasting friendship, RaJ shows how much he respects Nana’s wish.  So loving yet so unselfish, people like RaJ deserve a happy ending in their next love story.

This story wasn’t written out of my imagination … It deserves to be here in my blog cos RaJ helped me realize the meaning of a big true love …



  1. Toan oi, Nana wasn’t born on Sep 23 😉 …

  2. Dzụ này thấy wen wen ^^

  3. Ton trong cau chuyen va ca ten nhan vat nhe ban Toan.

  4. Nói thiệt nha mới đầu tui tưởng Nana là … bà ngoại cuả ai đó =)), mốt Th viết truyện lựa cái tên khác đi 😀

  5. Sorry, I misread that you wrote “Nana WAS born…” Sorry a thousand times ^^!

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