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Hic, it’s super hot in Hanoi now. I finished half a liter of water in only 1 minute, yet the heat was still on.

Working was not that intense today. I said I’m not gonna write about work again in my blog, didnt I? Errr ….. shall I talk about chocolate instead? I found three BelCholat stores in three high-traffic supermarket centers. BelCholat sounds weird, but the locally made chocolate it sells tastes pretty nice …  My taste for chocolate has shifted from white chocolate only to dark dark choco … 

The dinner at Highway4 was super delicious. 54 Mai Hac De – I can never complain when I’m there. It’s really a place for all gastronomes …. I bought a cute dress at Pinocchio … Tripped and fell 5 minutes after I got out of that store … No injury …  The slippers could no longer be in use. Lucky I brought my pinky sandals along 😛

I’m going out of town tomorrow … Dont know exactly where … Hope it’s gonna be an interesting trip ….

Question of the day: how many universities are there in the world???


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