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Misc 1:

Hanoian sellers are super arrogant and willing to double the price just because their sensitive ears and eyes identify that you come from Saigon.
Is your southern accent the only indicator? Yes and no! “They can also tell from the way you dress and even your other non-verbal cues”, said this woman whose accent sounds so Hanoian to me that I think those sellers would think she’s a local person. Truth is, the sellers are so sensitive. Even though this woman grew up in Hanoi and speaks the local accent, her non-verbal cues are very much Saigonese.
So how can you get away with the fact that you’re not a Hanoian and trying to deal for the best price? “Tell the sellers you get married to a Hanoian 😛 and that you know the place as much as they do” – Tip of this month from an experienced driver in my company’s North branch office. Very insightful tip, that is!

Misc 2:

Some northern men can drink beer at any time of the day. My uncle got married to a northerner woman, whose family got a beer place back then. Acculturated, he drinks in every meal, which has become a terrifying experience for his two children. Too much toxic acummulated over the years turned the decent man into a short-tempered father. If he hadn’t been so influenced by such a habit, if and if … There’s no turning back for him, for his badly damaged health, for my cousins, and even for my grandparents ….

Misc 3:

Should you do certain things in life just to have some experiences? Smoking, doing drugs, multi-timing, stealing your close friend’s loved one, bad-mouthing about everyone around you … Some people know so well the good, the bad and the ugly sides of these things. And yet they gotta try them out. It’s really a matter of choice, I guess …
If only cigarettes were candy sticks, drugs were M&M chocolate,
multi-timing were the best practice to find the best and only match,
everyone were happy to let go of their loved ones to their close friends,
and bad-mouthing were a healthy team-building activity …

My thoughts took me to a blog called … vu vo* …



  1. Big If missing from MISC 1: If you were married to a Hanoian guy, and if you knew the place like the back of your hand… :))

  2. It wasn’t a conditional sentence 😛 … What was written there was the exact words he used …

  3. I’d be more than happy to know there’s a second chance for him.
    Til now, everything’s reached the point that a second chance is kinda impossible.
    I do hope when my cousin is back, and my other cousin is more mature, they’ll understand why their father did what he did and love him again.

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