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I didn’t have to wear my raincoat until yesterday- the very last day in June- even though the rainy season already started weeks ago.  Lots of memories came rushing back as I rode home in the rain last night.

I miss my sis who always refused to cover herself with a raincoat whenever we were caught in the rain. And she didn’t want to wear a hat to hide herself from the sun … I wonder whether she’s still that illogical now. I hope not …

I miss Han and our craving for ba’nh bo` su*~a nu*o*’ng whenever she’s here and it starts raining. Troi lanh an banh bo nong thi ……. oh so yummie … But it’s never easy to find a seller … especially difficult when it’s raining.

Han’s not coming back this summer …  when I need the company of my best friend so much after those emotional ups and downs … She sent me a pair of jeans – I love it! In fact, I love all of her gifts and proudly tell those who ask that my best friend got those lovely things for me.

I miss my last trip to Thailand … I had to run in the rain from Victory Monument sky train station to catch the last van to Hua Hin. It was good to be back and see the changes in Hua Hin … Swensen underwent a renovation, but that table was still the same …   I took one of the best birthday pix there at that table in 2001 …  5 years have passed by so fast … Time flies, really!

First of July …

It was pouring at noon today and it’s pouring again now. I’d better go rest now … The doctor recommended more proper breaks between working sessions and less time spent sticking my eyes to the computer screen.

I’m glad tomorrow is Sunday!


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