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9am-1pm: HORRIBLE!

Quarreled with mom, then with my best friend, then with my sister … It worsened my already very bad mood … Have I not been stressed enough?

I managed to send in the ARL draft. Foooh … at least I got some work done.

1pm-4pm: STARVED!

The briefing session was helpful, except that I was freezing in that room. Empty stomach, frozen mind. Lucky me, the fresh milk shop was only 1 minute ride away. Oh and while I was sipping, I got some tips on how to make use of silence in quarrels. Thank you, BB!

6pm-21pm: LOVELY!
Tieu Vi is a beautiful bride. I managed to take one picture with the newly wed. Vi said “chup hinh lay he^n” … Yeah ….  But I couldn’t stay til the end of the party – This headache has been so irritating 😦

Recently I’ve been feeling so sick  – as weak as a wet cat. I’ve been telling everyone that they should exercise often and I myself can’t take some time off my hectic schedule for it. ASHAMED!

Lush is cool – Love the balcony …. and I was lucky with my pool session today … TURTLE’s LUCK 😀 I finally had some relaxing time with friends ….

Next stop: foosball. See everyone next Sunday when I’m done with the test.


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