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8 minutes after my god brother told me the fresh chocolate his gf bought for me from Hanoi was safe in his fridge, I had an accident at the oh so familiar crossroads of Le Loi and NKKN. A bike ran over my left foot when I had to pull both brakes hard to avoid hitting the stupid bike in front of me harder. Hello annoying stranger, either you stopped behind the zebra crossings or turned left cos only those who wanted to turn left would speed on when the light turned yellow then red.

The most ironic and irritating thing is that this guy was not aware of what was  happening behind him at all: one second after my bike hit his, the two kids behind me couldn’t pull their brakes faster and their bike ended up running over my foot.

Painful! Yet I was lucky! The thick jeans and my dear pink sandals protected me well from any external scratch. I hope the pain in my left ankle will not get worse and I will not have to be taken to the doctor at midnight like what happened last year. Why do I always have a bike accident right before my company’s incentive trip??? And I hope that I can have my pink sandals fixed … 😦


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