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Dearest sis,

First, take a deep breath and sit firmly on your chair …….

Once you’re all set, read on ….

I fit the extra small white cropped pants you sent last week. And if it fits me, it is a bit too large for you. Umm, you will not object if I say it is mine from this moment on, will you?

*_*  Your sis lost some weight, yeahhh!!! Isn’t that wonderful ….  😛

And …. umm … in celebration of such great news …..  I am going to a snail party with my god brothers: Neo and Skydunk, and Ms Marble Lune this Sundae …. ayayayayaya …..

Til then, I should practice more for the test …. So see ya, sis! 😀 😀 😀



  1. Haha, who’s not facing the truth now ???
    And I’m ticking my tongue out just now 😛
    My sis is so sly ………

  2. yeah rite..good luck with that=))..know why you fit that pants? ’cause they attached a wrong tag for that pants..keke..not because you lost weight..face the truth, my sis=))

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