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Today started with great news: I got 9/9 for listening, 8/9 for reading and speaking, and 7/9 for writing, which rounded up to an overall band score of 8/9.  Good job, Thanh! It couldn’t have been better than this. The result is coincidentally my —–day πŸ˜‰ I have been embraced by good luck, and it’s been proved to be so true.

Later today morning, a friend from high school texted me while I was at work “Your sis is cute” Hah, it’s a  comment made by a girl about another girl! My sister is always cute in my eyes, though she can be really stubborn and look super mean sometimes. I do want to see that mean face of hers again now tho. It’s been months ….

My naughty team hung out together in the early evening. This time, Tieu Bao gave us his sincere advice again. When will we find the next good coach? We can’t really wait til then … Time to grow on your own, Phin Phin and Thanh Thanh.

I had to leave the sharing session to join chi T… at Sushi Bar. We always enjoy talking about relationships, be it her ten-year relationship, my first love or our friends’ undefined kinds of relationship. Though the first cut is always the deepest, I’m glad the past two years have healed my wound completely. Chi T…. is going to need a while to fully recover from her recent breakup. Time will do …

Today’s been one of my best days of the year ….
Thanks Dr Ottewell for helping me with the preparation.
Thanks Tieu Bao for always showing us there’s a better vision out there!
Thanks chi T… for being my confidant and confiding in me.



  1. Happy ……day ! Congratulation on the score .

  2. Em Thanh oi chi admire em qua di mat. T9 nay chi se di thi lai vi bang cua chi sap expire roi. Den luc day em chi cho chi may chieu nhe πŸ™‚

  3. wow… super duper stunning 8/9
    you did a really really good job sis, congratulations! ^.^

  4. ac ac sorry chi em type nham, ko phai duper, i mean double the stunning πŸ˜€

  5. Chi Thuy oi, em co rat nhieu IELTS tips o day ne! Luc nao chi can thi nhan em nhe.

    Em duoc diem cao vi nhieu ly do lam: Su giup do tan tinh cua 1 co nguoi Anh trong qua trinh on thi. Den ngay di thi, em may man duoc ngoi ban dau. He thong am thanh da tot roi, vi tri ngoi cua em con tot hon nua πŸ˜€ Va 1 tuan truoc khi thi em khong lam gi ngoai chuyen nghi ngoi va practice.

    Intensive study + Relaxing mood + Quality entertainment time with friends = Good scores πŸ˜›

    Viva 8/9 ….. hehe only close friends know the other “meaning” of my score πŸ˜›

    A(.c, pho^ qua’ Thanh oi!

    O* …. ma` dda^y la` blog cu?a mi`nh ma` πŸ˜›

  6. did a good job on your ielts exam and me, your sister, just failed the written test in order to get into the driving test in CA…fricking:-s

  7. Ua chi cho chi may chieu de cho giang ho 1 phen biet mat nhe. Lan truoc chi da xem duoc 8 diem roi, thieu co 0.may :-)) (the ma dem ve da khong ngu duoc roi). Chi ma duoc 9/9 listening nhu em thi chac ca tuan k ngu mat :-)))

  8. Sis, how well did you prepare for that test? Keep the answer to yourself, tho. Taking the test without any preps or with improper preps is much worse than not taking it. I know you will not fail it again … Say you won’t!

  9. hey yo..i passed my written test already..getting to the drive test this Fri and next Mon too…and precisely i have never been ashamed of failing that fricking test since I didnt even glance at the driver handbook kaka..newaiz,wish me luck this fri, yo

  10. Congratulations to Thanh >:D<!
    Shame on the one that failed the written driving test =))! j/k good luck next time ;)!

  11. Congrats, sis! Mom told me you passed the test yesterday!
    For the coming test, prepare yourself well … mentally and physically!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    And you should keep your fingers crossed for me, too.
    I am going in for a “real second chance” three hours ago.

  12. @ Toan D: yo, the way you talk seems like you know me well, doesnt it? and anyways, do i know you? =))

  13. Toan, thanks for supporting me unconditionally πŸ˜‰

  14. ur welcome Thanh :)! and I didn’t know you have a sis @ the same age with mine, cool ^^! But they sometimes just make us really wanna choke the heck out of them, right =))?

  15. Toan, stop teasing my sis, please!

  16. Thanh, I never know what your metaphors mean but I’ll cross my fingers for you always >:D<!
    yo, did you pass :P? If yes, congratulations >:D<! If not, good luck next time :D!

  17. Do you have another one $-)?

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