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2nd day after mom’s surgery … What happened on 3 Aug will definitely lead to a lot more changes – too many to fully realize now. Dad and I have been running back and forth, taking turns to be with mom. I slept on the big sofa in that serviced room in District 1 Medical Center last night … Hopefully, mom can go home on Monday. Sony has been awaiting her everyday.



  1. I hope your mom fully recovers sooner than expected 🙂

  2. best wishes to your Mom.

  3. When my mother had to go to hospital in emergency, I pretended to…sleep because I totally scared. I see you still handle everything well. You’re much more matual than I used to think about you.
    Hope your mother better asap.

  4. How is your Mom now Thanh? So sorry i see this post too late… I hope she has recovered already. Please send her my warmest regards.

  5. What happened to your mom? Has she fully recovered now? I don’t like August 2006 neither, because it took my dad so far away…

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