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I finally got some time to write to Enid and Steve. It was a super long email that talked about my Hongkong-Macau trip, my mom’s accident,  my no-line-manager status, my weight loss, and even my decision to leave the half-written proposal like that.

And here we are –  Enid, Steve and me – on my graduation day. They were my course instructors – the most interesting instructors I have ever known, and now they are my friends.

I look up to them for their work experiences, their teaching styles and their friendliness. And above all, I admire them for the love they have for each other. I still remember seeing them holding hands as they walked along the walkway in VIP condominium in summer 2002. That was almost 40 years after their marriage. At Webster Valentine’s Party 2004, they were the oldest couple on stage. It was not a surprise to me when they were voted the best couple of the night. 

In their 60s, Enid and Steve are going to teach in Bosnia later this year. Umm, I am so jealous with Lejla cos she will get to meet them again. Shall I go to Bosnia in December?


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