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Mom’s accident put me on alert. I’ve been drinking at least a glass of milk per day since 3rd Aug.
Lucky me as I like buttery/ milky/cheesy stuff . Otherwise, I’d be complaining all the time like mom does whenever I bring milk to her.

Starting to take up this good habit is a bit late now, when I’m so close to turning 24. Better late than never!

Sis, do you still drink milk every day?



  1. i eat cheese and yogurt.

  2. Yes, yes, i drink 2 glasses of fat-free/calcium milk every day. Hey, i miss sua tuoi Kim Thanh(?)!!!!

  3. no time for it

  4. i do eat cheese a lot..all kinda cheese…but don’t wanna pay much attention on milk…milk is the nastiest thing I’ve ever drunk…o.e

  5. @ Sis: Five more years to go before you reach where I am. Milk, cheese, yogurt, seafood, eggs, and tofu … will do you good. A scientific finding says that people from 19 to 50 need 1000mg of calcium a day.

    @ Ngoc: Now Kim Thanh sells soft-shell crab too. Come back and I’ll take you there 😛

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