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Except for two hours in the hospital, I spent most of my day for others.

 So on my birthday night, I attended a farewell party cos it just couldn’t wait. It was the most fun-filled farewell party ever … everyone had such good laugh mimicking the strangest behaviors of our big boss.

It’s been the strangest birthday for me …  it started with two hours in hospital … The blood test gave me a bruise, the endoscopic test was horrible … yet the talk with the doctor did not scare me too much … So there I went out of the hospital with a small bag filled with tablets.

“Take each of these two 30 minutes before meal, and each of those two after meal.

No sour and spicy food
No alcoholic/gastric drink
No anti-biotics
No acidic stuff whatsoever.

Be back here after 10 days”

Yahhhhh, chocolate is allowed! *_*

Went to the office late just to be chased even more intensively … and came online with a straight-to-the-point status “For those of you who are too busy to remember, it is my birthday today”. 

Had great lunch with my naughty team … since anh Bao left, we’ve been talking nonsense more often to better relieve the intensifying stress. I had “Cao Lau” and wanted to go back to Hoi An so badly ….

Umm, to save the best for last …

Thank you, dear friends, for caring enough to send birthday wishes along … Some of the wishes and/or the way they reached me touched me deep down inside … I am much better at writing than verbally talking about my feelings … I do treasure all you have done!



  1. Hmmm, hoi toi hoi la sinh nhat vui khong ma khong thay tra loi. Mom chuc Thanh suc khoe doi dao de kiem tien dao dat. Va chuc tim duoc nguoi ung y- don’t compromise for the just so-so guys! Love….

  2. Happy birthday late…so good english are your blogs

  3. I was scared for a moment thinking that Nikki was actually Thanh’s Mom #:-s, with her avatar is her pic when she was 2x of course (don’t get me wrong), you guys do look alike 🙂

  4. Hihi, Nikki is my “mom” since the 10th grade … umm, the kind of “mom” who studied in the same class with “her daughter” … 😛

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