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When are you going to get married? (Recently, this question has been asked as much as once a week by those who don’t know me well)
Errr … til I meet my man and love again … What kind of question is this?

When are you going to further your study?
Definitely not this year … Han, sorry girl! I am breaking my promise to take a GRE test this year …

Are you satisfied with your current job? Yes and no. I love everything about my brand (though I’m taking care of two brands, I only think of one brand, my bad).  I love my projects. I love working with senior managers whom I admire and learn tons of lessons from. I love the fact that I can wear jeans to work on days when I got no appointment with external customers.
And I hate the workload which can get super hectic very often. I hate the compact workplace, and, most of all, the political thingy that was there before I joined the company.

Will you wear your glasses forever or will you undergo a surgery and rid of the glasses? Really wanted to go for a surgery, but I won’t. Already bought 2 boxes of one-day lens … for coming friend’s weddings, and umm Tet and weekend …



  1. you look nice with glass .

  2. Hehehe, d 1st Q reminds me of a classmate back in college who i didn’t know really well. She IMed me d other day and first thing she said was, Co baby chua?

  3. @Luong Duyen: Thanks for the comment! Glasses are like curly hair, they both add some extra years to girls’ look.

    @Nikki: People ask questions regarding marriage and babies as if they couldn’t wait for those things to happen.

    @Too`ng: I haven’t played pool since the last time we played at Lush. Guess you can beat me in pool now … like you did before 😀

  4. Are you still good at pool? 😀

  5. Did I? All I remember were you didn’t have glasses or contacts on and I thought you did

  6. Will you wear glasses on your wedding day? Will you still keep this job after marriage? Will you continue your study when you have a baby?

  7. @AnhV: I haven’t planned that far. Plus I need to get another planner involved. Do stay tuned til I find him 😀

    Btw, I heard a new fresh chocolate shop was recently opened somewhere opposite Sheraton Hotel. Wondering if it sells truffles …

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