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I had so much fun at Kids Corner …

Today, I stopped thinking about going for a master degree. An MBA will add more value to me once I’ve been street-wise for long enough. 2 years with Unilever isn’t enough just yet … I also decided not to apply for *** …

Today, I skipped my Yoga class and promised myself I wouldn’t skip any class next week. šŸ™‚

Mom read about milk bringing more troubles to people with sinusitis. Great! Now, the list of taboo items include milk and ice. And I won’t care about the percentage of milk in cheese and chocolate and umm ice cream, I’ll have them anyway šŸ˜›

Bed time … Nite nite, happy Mid Autumn Festival !!!



  1. Yup, I believe in 4 year of experience before going for an MBA. And once it’s an MBA, it has to be an executive one, not just the lame fresh graduate MBA or the like.

  2. Prolly you already knew, but when thinking about applying, my exprience has taught me that all application materials must be completed ONE YEAR prior to matriculation šŸ™‚

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