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So here I am with a new look …  a “packaging relaunching” as my colleagues will call it when they see me tomorrow. With such “To’c lu*o*`i” as the hair designer called it,  I won’t need a comb … hehe

My first impression: Hmmm, totally different from the old boring straight hair. It looks better from the back than in front. Everything’s good except for the smelly chemical substance and almost two hours stuck in the salon.

Parents’ first impression: HAH! What’s this? Why go for a hairstyle that adds ages to your look?

University friends’ comments: You look trendy and it doesnt really make you look older …

I do expect a lot more comments from my colleagues … next week should be fun …

Here it is … my new hair 🙂 And everyone’s loving it! Even my mom admits she likes it now, and she didn’t say she liked it simply because the chemical substance is not good for my hair. “Mom, I had it done anyway!”



  1. di uon toc a? chup hi`nh xem cai nao

  2. picture please .

  3. “hairstyle that adds ages to your look” –> búi củ tỏi à =))?

  4. Stunning! I like your new look, Thanh. With it your smile seems to be brighter ^_* Like it, like it, like it, no matter what they say hehe :))

  5. cute

  6. nhi`n giong pe’ Ha` cach day 3 nam wuo’ ha’ha’…vua nhuom vua uon…pe’ Ha` pi gio` toc thang nhe’, toc den nhe’..sao ma` ngoan hien the..sao pe’ Thanh bi gio quay the? haha im kidding…this hairstyle looks good on you..just dont use glasses anymore looks old really..

  7. Awesome! =)) =)) but I swear it’s your pose, the new hair is totally serious :D!

  8. @Too`ng: You’re super fast! It appeared you posted this comment a few seconds after I posted the pix …

    @Duyen: Thanh de toc thang hon 20 nam roi. Tu thay chan kieu toc truyen thong nay nen quyet dinh lie^`u mot phen. Ket qua khong den noi te^. nhi? …. 🙂 Ban Duyen di uon toc di!

  9. woah, cool! hehe, cuối cùng thì mày cũng đủ can đảm quậy cái đầu. Nói rồi, ….xấu đầu mấy chốc! Rõ ràng trông mới mẻ hơn! nhin may dieu dang hon, nhung neu may van giu ve ngang tang cu~ thi cai dau moi se rat ca tinh!! 😉 Enjoy!

  10. Trong xinh ra nhi…nhung ma hinh nhu xau o lai thi phai …ha…ha…Just joking! D cung dang dinh bat chuoc T doi hairstyle moi giong T day.

  11. @Sis, can’t get rid of the glasses, really! Learn to appreciate your sister’s look … WITH the glasses on …

  12. em co thay chi gia di teo nao dau. van rat nhi nhanh con ca canh. ma hinh nhu chi Thanh di lam thay tre trung hon chi Thanh WUT ay nhi. Em cung muon de toc kieu do nhung chac fai doi ve Vn lam cho re thoi. hik hik

  13. chi Thanh, u look so cute with this hair style. Curled hair makes girl look trendy and more beautiful (like us. hehe)

  14. @ all: Cam on moi nguoi nhe! 🙂

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