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Every fairy tale that started with “Once upon a time …” is probably at least a few hundred years old. Unlike any of these tales, Ngoc and Tee’s story originated some six years back, and this day last year the two were happily married.

Happy 1st anniversary! May you always love each other as if you just got married yesterday!

Your bridesmaid.



  1. Hhehe, con nho ngay ha? cam dong qua! Nho ngay nay nam ngoai tui minh ron rang, lang xang tu sang toi toi hen. Mai mot ba cuoi tui xung fong lam bridesmaid cho ba, neu ba cho fep 🙂

  2. moi do ma` da 1 nam roi, nhanh that. chuc mung ky niem 1 nam ngay cuoi cua Ngoc nhe ( hoi tre 1 chut ). Chuc Thanh gap nhieu may man trong cong viec, tinh yeu va cuoc song nhe.

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