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Go online and find my best friends. If they’re geographically near, hang out with them. It’s a bless to have friends’ absolutely stress-free accompaniment.

Have my fav food and chocolate, listen to my fav songs or turn on my fav channels, umm hug my fav pillow – the Flower Pillow. Watch a fun movie (umm, Rob-B-Hood) or a children play

Dress up & spend more time putting on make-up (covering up the signs of stress)

Go to a gym or go for a long walk in the park

Take a long hot shower before bed time

Be hi-tech free and open up to mother nature.

Surprise mom by bringing home her fav snacks, or go to the supermarket with dad.

Tomorrow is a new day, so think less or, ideally, none of what happened, and more of what I will do tomorrow.

I may sound like I’m not stressed for any tiny bit.

Well, in fact, I’ve been constantly stressed. I used to drown myself in sadness.

Upon waking up, I realized it was such a waste of time biting the bitter aftertaste.

Why continue wasting it?

After coming across a younger friend’s blog, I wanted to write this blog hoping that she would read it, feel better, and take better control of her stress.

Friends, wanna share how you de-stress yourselves? And do you wanna share it here?



  1. nam yen tren giuong nghe dong doi xuoi nguoc ngoai cua so cung la mot cach giam stress.

  2. @ Luongduyen: Bua nao anh thu am tieng “dong doi xuoi nguoc” lai cho em nghe voi.

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