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Today’s the day for all the teachers in Vietnam, and in my extended definition, this day is also for all the teachers who had so many good influences on me. And of course, the most influential ones include co My, thay Duyen, thay Hai, co Hanh, co Thien (Nhien’s mom), thay An, thay Lu, co Lan,  Enid and Steve Spielman.

Two hours ago, Thuy and I rode around to find a gift for co My. Flowers? Too ordinary. Fruits? Eh, too heavy. What about a big cake? Not a bad idea. Co My may share it with her big group of pupils.

The number of people in Brodard’s bakery said “Thuy and Thanh, you’re not the only ones who thought of buying cakes for your teachers” … And we underestimated the number of teenagers inside co My’s house … oh wow, among the group is be’ Nha~ (Thi’s sister). “The rest of the kids must be from co My’s current class. But where’s our teacher?”

There she was – covered from my sight by the young kids. She looked fine, a lot finer than she was a few years ago. And that meant she had recovered from her sickness and that emotional cut …

The kids were so loud, hmm, much louder than the kids from the previous years. So we decided to leave early as a lot more kids came in.

Well, co My is probably one of the most charming teachers in Saigon. Everywhere she goes, you’ll see her surrounded by her beloved pupils. “If I hadn’t left the University of Education, I’d probably be a teacher today” – oh well, that was my parents’ choice, and I wanted to choose my own way. I really went my own way.

As Khuye^’n – co My’s son- walked down the staircase, I realized I met him at Yoko once.

“Bay gio em dang hoc o dau?”
“Em dang hoc nam 3 truong Kien Truc”
“Lan truoc chi nhin thay em va ban gai uong nuoc o Yoko”
“Do la ban cua em, luc nao em cung chi di voi ban be thoi” (Cuoi)
“A, chi thay em uong bia …”
“Vay thi dung la chi nhin thay em roi do”

It’s good to see Khuyen grow into a good gentleman. Well, at least we think he is, and we’re happy for co My.

As I rode back home, Minh Dan called to ask if there’ll be a class reunion very soon.

CAers, can we make it this year-end?



  1. Did you take some photos with Ms My? Can you upload it for Ms My’s students to see her again?

  2. Yeah my sis told me she met you there too ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m truly glad to hear that Ms. My has recovered well. Thanks for your update Thanh. It’s true that she is always surrounded by a bunch of students and ex-students wherever she goes, even last time when she went to Singapore, I could not count the students who came to visit her in the hotel. Her son is in uni now, so fast! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanh oi, chi nghien xem blog cua em roi ๐Ÿ˜‰ Em viet hay qua!

  4. @Thanh: Okie, thanks, waiting everday to see those photos ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. @ Thong: The picture is in co My’s camera. Will post it up here once I get it.

    @ Thuy Linh: Chi lam em ddo? ma(.t roi …

  6. Thanh, can we make it around 19/12 -2/1? I can only be back then. Miss you all and keep updating us!

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