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First, they forced me to check in my backpack simply because the A330 I’d be flying have less lockers.

Second, everyone had to wait longer cos the queue was super long. As I was waiting, I saw my chairman and another Scandinavian. Is this the guest that my other team members and I are supposed to meet next week? Most probably yes. Experienced flyers as they are, they relaxingly carried on their conversation, while I plugged in my earphones hoping that good songs would lift up my mood.

Third, it was the most spacious airbus I’ve ever been in. But space didn’t mean better pleasure as I was seated at the very last row. The flight was shockingly loud and long. It was even filled with a few seconds of falling freely when it was about to land.

Shall I fly A330 again? I hope not.



  1. where did u flight to baby? You flight so often huh!

  2. Can’t wait to try the A380!!! Heard that Singapore Airlines would be the first to have A380 in use… Hic, but do we have a choice at all… Have a safe flight home, Th.

  3. @ Van: Tao dang o Ha Noi, mam mam rat nhieu dac san o day. Neu tao ke tung mon ra day, chac may va Ngoc se ghen ti lam. Thinh thoang tao moi bay thoi ma.

    @ Tram: My first Airbus experience sux so bad

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