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When A.G left for his regional assignment earlier this year, this is what he wrote “Dear Thanh, U is the best company to work for”. How he, an Indian, made no spelling mistake in writing my name and, more importantly, how he, a Vice President, spoke to my shaky heart impressed me. And I later on found out that he wrote different farewell messages to different members of the 10th floor, and those who have been with U for long enough miss him a lot.

Almost a year from then, I met him again. Actually, I sat next to him in the meeting today. It was a privilege for me and P. as the rest of the people are VPs, Directors and senior managers.
Guess what he told me today when his laptop couldn’t connect to P.’s I-pod “Thanh, can you please teach me how to open it”. Again, I’m impressed. He’s seriously a super knowledgeable man with admirable people skills! He’s Arijit Ghose.



  1. *_* = No Comment. You’re not in my shoes 😛

  2. Admirable, yes, but what are you impressed about? Any true leader had to be a sincere follower first ;).

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