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Colorful dress shirt – that was me, and P. in her Xmas outfit … Benchmarked against today’s color code “Red and white”, I am a bit too colorful, P. a fine follower.

It’s one of our weekly outings and our first time in Le Petit Cafe. Cozy feel, comfy chairs, good oldies, nicely arranged orchid and a decent piano at the corner. 4pm, the whole room was ours. At this time of the day, guests (mostly young couples) prefer the cozy room upstairs where bean bags are good excuse to become more intimate and forget about the world outside.

Here we are in a room to call our own

Few hours after that, the 5 remainders lined up in front of the Cathedral Church. All ready to finish coconut jelly. Dears, this is irresistible dessert! πŸ˜€

The guilt of overeating normally tranforms to the motivation to exercise more frequently. After exercising, I have all the rights in the world to enjoy eating again ….

X’mas is coming near. Though I am non-religious, X’mas has become a reason to celebrate. My schedule is tight: One day in Hanoi, one day for Van Anh’s wedding, one day for class reunion, one day for X’mas, one evening for Ngan’s wedding, and 2006 will end.



  1. dieu wa xa, an choi som wa ma`y πŸ˜‰

  2. vui wa hen. tui ne. H Phuong ne hehe. hom nao ranh coffee nhe

  3. hehe…i know this cafe…small and cozy…

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