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Co dau chu re lam be binh bong …. Tam nay nhin chu re hoi ngo^’ …

Buoi sang truoc khi lam le: Thuy mac vua ao dai cua minh. Oh yeah …

Here are the receptionists … the plan was that Thuy and I would run away with all the cash. It was too good to realize or ummm we were too good to be criminals … 😀



  1. Reception pix, plssss!

  2. Vui qua, them mot thanh vien CA len xe bo^ng roi 🙂 Hai vo chong nhin xung doi ghe! Neu Thanh co gap VA thi cho Thi goi loi chuc mung nha. Ma` VA dang o dau vay Thanh?

  3. awww, Kasy is gorgeous!!!!ua, ma sao no quen Loi?May gap no noi no la sao o to chuc o Philly? hmmm!!!!

  4. Trong hinh chup 5 ao da`i nhan ra 3 ta` ao da`i quen thuoc 😀

    Thanh la`m Thi phai vao khen tiep: con gai lop minh xinh wa’ la` xinh!!!

  5. Thanh oi, y’ Thi la` 3 a’o da`i physically chu*’ ko ti’nh nguoi ma(.c, vi` chinh xac cu~ng la` 3 cai a’o da`i na`y hinh nhu da xuat hien cu`ng 1 lu’c trong dam cuoi cua mot ten nao do’ lop minh :))

    Ua? receptionist mac ao den, co`n ao’ xanh la “chu*’c vu.” gi` vay Thanh ? 🙂

  6. @ Thi: VA bgio di honeymoon rui sau do se quay ve Philly. 5 ta ao dai deu quen thuoc het ma Thi.

    @ Ha: O Philly la dam hoi, o VN la dam cuoi 🙂 Nhu vay la du het tien rui 😛 (cai nay la tao doan vay)

    @ Toong: Among the 3 receptionists, one’s committed, one’s available, one’s status is still a question mark. Still wanna book them?

  7. Can I book these receptionists in advance ;)?

  8. Cho T gui loi chuc mung ke voi luon duoc ko dzi? 5 ta ao dai do nhan ra du het ca 5, mung ghe…
    One’s is still a question mark la ai dza? ;))

  9. @ Thi: Yeah, dam cuoi la ly do duy nhat de may dua mac ao dai thoi. Lan nay mac la de chieu y co dau V.A. a’

    Ao xanh la bridesmaids, ca vat xanh la temporary partners.

    @ Thong: Question mark khong phai la Thanh 🙂 Tu hieu di nha.

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