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I found my soul again. Actually, the doctor from the Medical University Hospital brought it back to me. After knowing I was given a wrong medication (right from the first prescription, hmmm) and that I took that wrong medication during Sep and Oct, I was cursing the doctor from Hoan My hospital for putting me through that terrible endoscopic test and such a long period of treatment.

I am happy again now as the new medication seems to be doing me good. As I find my gastronomic soul again, I fully realize how much I love Huế food. Bánh nậm, bánh bèo tôm chấy, cuốn Huế, cơm hến, canh mít non nấu với tôm và thịt bò, bánh canh cua just to name a few.

Although I’ve never been to Huế and really tasted Huế food right at its hometown, I’ve been told that Huế food in Saigon tastes much better. I need not a detailed explanation. For now, I am thankful that good Huế food is a few kilometres away from my place.

Let me now randomly go through my favorite dishes:

Cua rang me (Hey, I can cook this well given that you buy me well-built grabs. Hehe, I mean cua chắc thịt chứ không phải cua óp. I swear the grabs stir fried with buttery egg sauce I had years ago in Thailand wouldn’t be able to beat this tasty Vietnamese cua rang me)

Mắm chưng (I miss my old Chinese neighbor cook who got me addicted to this dish. When he was still alive, he would cook it every once in a while, and always give my family a decent share)

Bún nước lèo (Trust that the best Bún nước lèo in Saigon is on Trần Cao Vân street)

… and the list will continue some other time …



  1. mon an Hue chanh goc thi man va cay, khong ngot nhu do an Hue trong Sai Gon . Nguoi Hue chanh goc thi noi do an Hue ngoai Hue ngon hon , bang chung la moi lan co nguoi o Hue vao, gia dinh anh van nho mua banh bot loc o ngoai do dem vo Sai Gon .

  2. hihi, chua chac . Mon Hue o CAlifornia cung ngon lam , chua tinh may nguoi ba con cua anh tai Florida cung la dau bep co hang, nau mon Hue cung ngon lam .

  3. CAli vung San Jose, co mot so nguoi lam mon Hue , toi lay tai nha, chu khong ban ngoai tiem, nen khong biet la o dau de chi .

  4. Hic, ai lam on chi gium mon Hue ngon o Calif di!!! (Dung noi la quan Hi? nha, minh se buon mat 5 fut vi food cua no giong nhu may quan le duong Tran Huy Lieu vay a, chi co cai la mac tien va sang trong thoi!

  5. Vay ha anh? Ba ngoai em goc Hue nhung khong song o do, ong noi thi hinh nhu tung song o Hue. Em khong co 0% nao la nguoi Hue chanh goc het. Em cung chua an banh bot loc chanh goc bao gio, boi vay mon Hue trong Sai Gon la du hap dan roi. Nhung ma mon Hue SG chac chan phai ngon hon mon Hue o cach VN nua vong trai dat a nha!

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