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Enriching friendships. Old friends found and reconnected. It’s rewarding to see friendships and emotions stay true through the test of time. It’s proven right that old school friends are the dearest same-age sisters and brothers.

Observance of life commitment and responsibilities. Nearly 20 weddings celebrated and 2 babies born. The year of the Dog is a lucky year 🙂 Born under the Dog sign, I did not get married in the year of my sign as confirmed by the fortune teller two years ago 😛 Leave the marriage to true love’s calling.

Accidents. I’m thankful that Mom’s broken knee is recovering well. I’m proud that the team could manage things well without a line manager for three months. A bit of quarreling was necessary to get it going well. We live to learn from our experiences 🙂

Discovering blogging. Blogging is a self-reflecting, well-monitored, and well-observed (:-P) process in which fresh thoughts mature beautifully. Becoming mature does not necessarily mean growing older. Single at the age of 24, I am a young bird ageing gracefully.

Self-assessment. Offer and support from the St. L team help me redefine what I really want from my work and study. The 3-day “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” course shifted my paradigms – I am a happier girl now because I choose to be one.

Health-care. Everything starts with a good health. I’m paying a lot more attention to my intake, my body clock, and my work-out plan.

Happy year-end with home-made hot pot, karaoke, Casino Royale, Lush and Apocalypse Now.

Making wishes for 2007 …. for parents … for sister … for myself … and for dear friends …


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