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I am such an addict … and my biggest sin is to get my parents become worse addicts than me … One truffle can get them going on and on until their sense of guilt shout out loud “Will you save some for your daughter?” 😀 I am just kidding …

One day last week, dad, not feeling well because of the weather change, asked me where I bought the fresh locally made chocolate. [Pause: if you have never tasted fresh chocolate, you should. Fresh chocolate is much more irresistible than packed chocolate that can last for months] So there we went hurriedly to that shop … The result of his first visit to the store was a big box of chocolate. “I got the whole assortment in here”, said he as he happily walked out of the Boniva shop. Bang! I myself have never bought that much chocolate in a go. The second Bang came just one day later. My dad felt in love with the broken pieces of chocolate, so he came back to buy two more packs even though the first big box was still full of truffles, pralines, gianduja …

I am such a smooth influencer with good eating habits … now there’s always some chocolate in the fridge … Isn’t that wonderful?



  1. a big fan of chocolate here ;-)) never heard of “fresh chocolate”, where to find nhi? 😉

  2. i found the “fresh belgian chocolate” co Khanh gave us before and another kind of chocolate which is also really good . Will ask someone if they can bring some back to VN

  3. keep on hearing ur advertisement, but not yet try! Hmm, can i drop by ur house everyday 😉

  4. i checked the store out, but their tags saying something such unappealing as “ngao duong” turned me down and i walked out empty handed. hehe

  5. @Phuong Thanh: it’s really strange that I can never teach myself to like chocolate like other gals… except from Mon-Cheri (I can eat da whole box within 1/2 day) & liqueur-filled chocolate (I usually aim at the inside rather than outside)…

  6. @ chi Phuong: Fresh chocolate (made in Saigon, Belgian recipe) are sold at Boniva and Gourmet. Boniva is three shops away from Lotteria on Le Loi street. Gourmet is umm at Dong Du and Hai Ba Trung crossroads. A shop opposite Sheraton hotel is said to sell fresh chocolate imported from europe. Different origin, double price, incomparable taste …

    @ Van: You can drop by my place once and one of these shops everyday 😛

    @ Sis: That fresh belgian choco is Leonidas and it rocks. I found them in the Phils last year, but ended up buying Max Brenner’s home for mom. Oh dear, talking about Max Brenner, I’m missing its Chocolate Fondue now.

    @ Ngoc: They should find more appealing names noe. It’s been the best locally made choco. Oh btw, truffles in Illy L’Opera are worth trying.

    @ Tram: Hazelnut, pitaschios, chestnut, unknown nut-filled choco is much more appealing than liqueur-filled. I’m such a healthy girl hahaha.

  7. Someone else is now spending on chocolate on your behalf 😀 Isn’t that marvellous? Btw, interested in liquer filled truffles?

  8. @Phuong Thanh: yeah! You wish… He he… I’ll hand you Nha Trang’s breads instead..

  9. @ Na: next time a Mon-Cheri box reaches you, you should get a bottle of liqueur and hand me your choco 😛

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