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Casa Latina, still famous for its Salsa classes, was nowhere to be seen. And that meant the chance of me taking up Salsa was close to zero. However, Na (who is very likely to be the 1st to comment in this entry) managed to find a new address which is probably the only place that teaches Salsa in Saigon now. For now, let’s keep it a secret!

Skipping my Tuesday jogging session, I managed to be present at the place just in time for the class. “We jump started last week; however, you can still catch up with everyone else”, said the instructor. As I looked around the studio, I found many foreigners, some Viet Kieu bananas (yellow on the outside, white all the way inside), some Viet couples, and some Viet female wannabes whose ideal boyfriends will be most likely foreigners with a yellow fever. Hmm, “it’s pretty crowded in here. Is there space for all?”

The class started with Salsa basic steps. “First, imagine there’s an ant in front of you, and you’re gonna step on it with your left foot. Here we go … Then there’s another ant …”

The fun part about Salsa is its fast pace. And since there’s no slow Salsa, I can always have fun. I love speed, really!

Na and I, too shy to find partners “ideally of the opposite sex” as instructed, decided that we would be a couple for the sake of couple dancing. Na, as manipulative as always, asked to be a Salsara, putting me into the position of a Salsaro. Hah, sometimes I need to make sacrifice, it’s still better than me dancing with a stranger.

We honestly had so much fun until the hour passed and we lined up to register ourselves. Oh dear, those Viet wannabes managed to cut the queue and put their names in the long list before us. Grrrrr. Expectedly, the instructor politely asked to write down our names and not give him any fees. Oa oa oa oa. This means no Salsa until the end of Feb.

Our backup plan is ballroom dancing. However, I am not gonna be Na’s dance partner, no no no …… hehehe … co chet cung khong lam ….



  1. Such a funny “Salsa” topic… Luckily that I’ve just offered you a solution for ballroom dancing… Stick 2 dat plan, my dear friend! Don’t forget to tell me the final outcome of your dancing plan >>> Will you be a dancing queen? 😉

  2. Aren’t there enough salsaros? I wish I could help… 😛

  3. Seriously in need of a good salsaro …

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