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It’s the second International Day that I’ve attended at my little cousin’s school. It’s interesting to see traditional dresses of at least 15 countries and simple home-made dishes from as many countries. The best food is the below oh-so-yummie cheese. The Swiss men said they brought it all the way from Switzerland, and ummm it started with R—–, and of course you can tell that I didn’t quite get it. Whatever the name is, the taste is irresitible. Regardless of how much I want to lose weight, I went for almost two helpings … oh dear …. well, cheese got lots of calcium which is good for my bone, you know …. hehe

After eating too much Swiss cheese, we decided to pose for this pix … On Auntie’s count … 1 … 2 …. cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese …. I look taller than Jimmy, in fact, it’s the long heels that make me taller. Jimmy is 13 years younger and 0 milimeter shorter than me, she’s my height already …. I am so gonna be an average cousin in a few years …

Body painting … a cute three-leaf clover ….

Lots of orchid and roses in front of the Vietnam’s booth …

And the kids didn’t leave the flowers alone …

Last confession of the day: I had some four scoops of New Zealand ice cream, too. No regrets! Salsa class is tomorrow, and I am so gonna make good use of it ….



  1. jimmy looks so darn older compare to her age…..*ca^m ni’n kg pi’t noi gi` lun*

  2. Cute cousins 🙂

    NZ ice-cream, yes yes yes. But cheese, probably no lol 😉

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