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Who: Me without my glasses – Treasure every moment without them, hic ….
What: My wavy hair – that has loosened up pretty much regardless of my daily effort to prolong its curliness
When: 15 minutes before “Tet lam dieu hay” went live on TV
Where: HTV theatre’s restroom
Why: I came to the theatre too early … There was nothing much I could do to kill my time except playing around with my phone …
How: Taken by my Sony Ericsson W810i babe …



  1. bo tay chi luon. vao restroom ma cung chup hinh

  2. @Rubie Bui: Chi chup 1 series hinh truoc khi em vao …. ^_^ Bo tay, bo chan, bo toan than luon cung con duoc 😛

  3. Giong nguoi mau we’ Thanh ui! Background cung rat dep hihi…

  4. H noi that nha, H cu nghi co dien vien HQ nao cho*’. Ma Thanh ne`, Thanh ko noi ro T o rest room ma cu the hon la o HTV lam gi het chon 😀 Neu co chtr nao tren TV thi cho H biet de H xem voi nha.

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