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So I did brag a bit about me learning Salsa. I’m still half way through my beginner class at Club Berlin, and another beginner class is already coming up at La Habana. Read the email below for more details …. If you don’t know where these places are, ask me or ask 1080

From SalSaigon.

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a very nice Tet holiday!

This week, we will continue with the lessons at Cafe La Habana on Tuesdays, and with the social dancing in La Fenetre Soleil on Thursdays.

Beginners at 19:30: It’s the start of a new course, so it’s the time to come and check out if you like it! For the people that are hesitating, keep in mind that we will keep students according to:
– previous courses done
– order of signing up

The 40% discount for mixed couples is still active (so boys and girls, start looking for partners to sign up, it’s definitely worth it!), that is, 300.000VND for the whole course for the couple. ( Darn, I didn’t know this …)

For single students, it’s 250.000VND for the whole course. The course is 6 lessons, 1 hour per lesson, on Tuesdays.

When the group is full, it’s full! (for the curious, 24 people is total maximum, no exceptions) Next option will be Mondays in Club Berlin, which will continue next week probably (though it might wait one more week, depending on several factors) (the biggest factor is that my class will not finish in three weeks, so Frederique won’t be able to start any new class earlier than end of Mar)

When possible, we will also give preference to forming a balanced group so that we have as close as possible to 12 boys and 12 girls. One more reason to look for a partner.

Thursday at La Fenetre Soleil we will continue with the dancing. As usual, around 20:30 we will have a free 30 min. workshop, for free as long as you get a cocktail! After that it’s dancing until Midnight. Don’t be shy and come to practice what you learn. ( Errrr, I’m only half way through my beginner class, should I come???)

See you all!

Urko, Irene, and the whole SalSaigon bunch.



  1. Chui, ban Thanh khong dam. Vo*~ lo`ng con chua tot nghiep thi day ai … Chi voi anh San di hoc di, good exercise 🙂

  2. ban Thanh dao nay sanh dieu qua! Khi nao hoc salsa xong thi mo lop day lai cho ban Chi nhe!

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