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So I was given two pinkie piggies … and then I was given a red gift box …
I thought I’d put them all together ….
Well, the gift set turned out to be a decent hanger for the piggie couple …
Hehe, so here it is, a new item on my desk …
Happy Ever After, Piggy Love!

Muah, you’re such a pretty pig

Nothing beats the first kiss … smoochies … (Heo nhồi bông mà cũng biết quote từ 50 First Dates nữa … hehe)

I’m gonna stay by your side forever, piggie hunnie!



  1. heo mat tro^’ nhin ghe qua

  2. cho 1 con diiiiiiiiii

  3. question: who gave such a cute present? ;-> you can send me a msg if it’s a secret 😉

  4. No secret 😛 … The piggies are for everyone in my team. Ummm, but I’m the only one who got two of them 🙂

  5. Ui tro`i oi, 2 con heo de^~ thuong waaaaaaa’ (cha’c la` giong T ru`i, hihi 🙂

  6. dao nay ba nay yeu doi wa suc, duoc len luong hoac co tin dzi hem?! ^_*

  7. Sao Phúc giỏi vậy … Ăn Tết xong, T mập ra nè … sắp thành piggy rồi …

  8. Van em, tao luc nao cung high-energy vay ma …

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