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Dear T.,

I really thought that having seen things that your father did to hurt your mother during your childhood, you would never go down your father’s road and hurt the person who loves you dearly … I guess I was wrong … I guess you really don’t know what you want or you know it too well to let either of your girls go … I can’t believe that, on one fine day, in the middle of a new love, you would ask your girlfriend to please let you date her and your ex together … Jerk, does that also mean you are going to marry your girlfriend and your ex when it’s time to settle down? Oh and you were gonna say yes. Why? Because you have seen your father do that for more than once in his life. Shame on you for not treasuring the one who loves you so much even when she never feels secure beside you and even when you can never stand up for her when you’re with your friends. Shame on you for thinking that you can have two girlfriends in a go and even marry them both in the near future. I am totally disappointed to see yet another guy friend acting so selfishly in love… And I am so sorry I was the matchmaker …

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………………. I hope not all men in this world are like you …

Dear V.,

They always say things happen for a reason. Though this is quite heart-breaking, it reveals his true color which you may never have known otherwise. Someone wrote in her own testimonial “Life is short to waste on the wrong person. Fate determines who comes into our lives. The heart determines who stays………. Learning to be alone need not be lonely, it means you’re ready to be with someone else… It’s ok to kiss a fool, it’s ok to let a fool kiss you, but never ever let a kiss fool you….” I hope you will know what’s best for you and for him …



  1. i feel sad about this too. But don’t be discouraged about men-not all men are like that. (I personally think the root of this so-called dilemma is those selfish girls who give themselves the right to see their exes as back-up cushions to fall onto whenever the guys they had run away with drop them along the way.)

  2. To a certain V.,
    There’s a saying: “Life is just like a mirror. If you smile at it, it will smile you back” Hope you ‘ll get thru this time and look ever forward. Cheers,

    Attn Thanh,
    Don’t be so disappointed nghen. At least, you’re a warm-hearted matchmaker huh?

  3. Deep thoughts!
    Impressed, I really am!

  4. luv is not real, never

  5. Most of men are selfish, but not all of them (luckily!). Every break-up is hard to get through. But it’s better to know the true face of the wrong person now than later. You don’t have to blame yourself for being a matchmaker. A lasting love depends on the couple, not on you. 🙂

  6. 🙂 Khong biet cai nguoi ma T noi co 2 girl friends do minh co biet khong nhi ???? Tuy co ve nhu la nguoi “do^`ng da.o” , nhung cung phai thua nhan la khong chiu noi cach ma han da lam. Ai lai di van xin nhu the, that la lam ma^’t mat da`n ong qua. Nhung du` sao, neu han tha`nh that voi ca 2 va ca 3 nguoi deu biet han muon gi va nghi gi thi mien cuong cung co the xem xe’t. Thay toi nghiep cho T qua, cam thay that vong vi ten ay ha? Du` sao thi moi nguoi moi suy nghi khac nhau. T nen dung ben ngoai va quan sat hon la cam thay bat ma~n, vi du T co bat man thi cung chang the thay doi duoc chuyen gi dau. 🙂 Chi to^? lam minh buc minh them thoi.

  7. Chị Thanh cho Nhão bản quyền bài này nha. Nhão post lên để bày tỏ sự bức xúc vô cùng tận. Giận tím cả người

  8. thoi ma, dung co buc chi oi.

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