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Still 3 more transit hours

Filled up with Tan Son Nhat airport’s beef noodle and in-flight food. I should have brought KFC along … my stomach is not acting up … phew ….

Found Nougat at Singapore International Airport … hah, so nougats are Australia-made … The first thing I’m gonna look for in Sydney is nougat … Darn, the doctor told me to reduce my sugary intake (not for my weight lah, if that’s what you’re thinking) … Big dilemma, hic … Guess I’m gonna waive it all for nougats oh and fresh chocolate of course … I wonder how long it’s gonna take to fix my problem …

Already spent a bit on Clinique … Cosmetics are girls’ best friend … Took me a long time to fully believe in this … Anyway, it is still better than me getting addicted to drinking, smoking, or gambling.

Very tempted to buy Euphoria – Calvin Klein, but I won’t … Before I finish all that I got at home, I ain’t buying any new scent ….

Hic, it’s gonna be the first night flight … Hope I’ll make through the night alright, or Australia Custom Department staff is so gonna send this “panda-eyed” me to China for family reunion … hehe ….



  1. transit ma cung blog duoc sao ? Treo len may bay, deo headphone len, the la ngu? duoc thoi .

  2. tell me if u could make out everything those Custom Officers had to say in the queer Aussie accent. I kept staring at them instead of replying to their questions, thus ended up being held there for almost an hour. hahaha

  3. Ua? phai transit o Changi ha Thanh? Enjoy your trip and take a lot of photos nha 🙂

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