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spent with ….

….. watching this fine man and his band rock up the tiny little coffee place …

This picture is dedicated to Ng– and H-, who, though committed, nhưng vẫn còn mê giai lắm … hehe …

Yoko was jammed, as always … the big crowd of westerners and a journalist-look-alike with a pro digital camera seemed to heighten the band’s spirit … Thank God he didn’t sing that “I wanna f— you like an animal” song today … It freaked me out the first time I heard that line … Geeezzzz , I guess they can basically sing about anything as long as it rocks …

Anyway, their kind of music got me thinking of Air Supply love songs … It’s been a while since I last played these songs … Yet I can still type the lyrics from memory out here … Let’s save it for the next entry as I should be hitting the hay now … Got an early meeting tomorrow morning … Nighty night ………


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  1. Awwwww that’s my man right there (and my girls, too) Muahhhh

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