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Credits to Luv again for introducing me to Armchair’s Design album … Way back then, slow Thai songs like Armchair’s were perfect to enhance my listening skills … But if the music isn’t good, hell no I’m gonna listen to the CD over and over again … There’s seriously something unique and addictive in the weird slow music that Armchair compose …. I still keep my proud collection of three Armchair’s albums … DESIGN – which Luv deliberately gave to me after seeing me hopelessly search for it all over Hua Hin and Bangkok … PASTEL MOOD – which I grabbed without any second thought …. and SPRING – which was released on my birthday in 2004 and which was bought by Viet and brought back to Vietnam by Chuong … Now TENDER – Armchair’s latest album – is in the market … I’ll put it on my birthday wishlist then ….

Here is Rue Plao, one of my most favorite songs from Design – Armchair’s second album that won Channel V Music Video Awards, MTV Thailand “Artist Focus”, and ten other awards in Thailand in 2003 …


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