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Two of us in our new outfit … This is what my lil cousin got after a trip to SG Square & Ben Thanh market … And this is me in my brown tank top and my brand new super long skirt … Look how tanned we have got …. errrr, more of how tanned my cousin has got …. from super fair to almost as tanned as me …. She was dying to have this brown complexion … now that she got it, she is too excited to care about her sunburn … as long as the tan stays on, she’s a happy girl … Bronze-like or brownie, it all rules!



  1. love the long skirt…u rock!

  2. Nho nay nao dat em Jimmy di coi van nghe, ma gio em ay cao hon minh roi. huhuhu

  3. Thanks, Ha! I love it, too … Last night, I checked my fone too late to respond … Hope you girls had a great time …

  4. Ngoc oi, Jimmy just turned 12, and she’s 1m62 now … Imagine how tall she’d be when she’s our age …. errrrrrr ……

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